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Tech Terrace Park
 (23rd Street and Flint Avenue)

Benches and Walking Track (.61 miles), beautiful open park that dips in the middle for a "bowl" effect with large shade trees along the perimeter.
The park has evolved into an "unofficial" Dog Park. While the occasional ticket for violating Lubbock's leash law has been handed out, each evening the park is populated with 10 to 40 dogs (depending upon weather conditions) having a wonderful time running, playing and socializing with other 4-legged friends. It has also provided a venue for their masters to connect with new friends that share a common love for the canine creatures of their families.
Wagner Park
 (26th Street and Elgin Avenue)

Benches, Picnic Areas, Playground, Reserved Picnic Pavilion, Tennis Courts and Walking Track (.46 miles). Another heavily used park that is conveniently located one block down the street from Lowes Corner Market (in case any essential items are needed for picnics and family get togethers...just a 2-minute walk). Catty-corner to the park is another set of great play ground equipment, a softball field and basketball courts at Roscoe Wilson Elementary School.